commit suicide

i love twitter on some aspect, and in the same time in some others; i can post the short comments or thought very quick there. but for some very long ones, i still preferred here.

if some one try to do commit suicide, what i will say to them?

that very long answer i had; actually some part of my life, if possible i wish i can reset it too; but as i am now; this may all my full answer, and please don’t cut some, read till the end and if you agree or disagree you still can tell me.

I think if you wish to do commit suicide, then did it.

yes, did it, mentally. now your old you already died. then what you are really now? you are some free man that you free from your old self.

free from expectation, free from what you think you cannot solve, no need to be perfect, do as you think it suit.

For me now, as ignostist, i cannot tell that, there is god or no god existed. but i do believe if we do good, we support each other, our society will be better somehow.

and as i believe that life is miracle, embrace life, and take care of the life you had, life to the fullest.


if you ok with reading, i recommended “the happiness hypothesis” by jonathan haidt, it’s quite the worth reading.

you can understand how to live by value something more than you can see.

Enjoy your life live to the fullest

happiness hypothesis