Just six years ago, the web was dominated by one browser: Internet Explorer, specifically Internet Explorer 6. Without Netscape to compete against it and the ability to bundle its browser with Windows XP, Microsoft experienced superior market share – up to 95% at the peak. Today though, we have far superior browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome, as well as Internet Explorer 8.

IE6 Must Die for the Web to Move On; Ben Parr

anyone still using ie6? (internet explorer 6). if you answer is yes. you will notice some strange on my blog.

ie6 made without support all this.

1. transparent png.

2. css v2

ie6 has many holes;

even many test said about the holes in ff (firefox), opera, and safari are all adequate level with ie; but the compare made with ie8 not ie6.

you should remember that more holes, more easily of the problems persisting/ awaiting.

this are some of my recommend browsers (operating systems) that may suite your need.

firefox (windows families/ osx / linux / some mobile phone os)

opera (windows families/ osx / linux / most  mobile phone os)

chrome (windows families/ osx )

safari (windows families/ osx / iphone)

and the last one update version descendant of ie6

internet explorer 8 (windows families)

hope this all can help you to do that better than before.