seeing many case for Thais that never give credit for the artists.

they no ever try to say about whom they copy never ever said that they get inspire from.

from top to down they are the same; copy other hardworking without ashamed.

do they make their face with concrete and make they brain with mud?

do not say that plagiarism do not think wrong it is.

example of plagiarism: political party T copy ideas from country J and make them work; they said about the inspiration -> great.

political party D copy from T but rename it something else and never mention something or mention something by hail to KIM. -> bullshit.

Do not say something like it for people sake, cause even the normal right for the ideas you still never respectful on that, home come you will give the respectful to people.

that no shame if you said so. so stop saying that.

another plagiarism case that quite make it too embarrassment; i don’t know how they feel about themselves: something like they do all good, great on painting, musical, sporting, and all many sciences.

Are they on North Korea and the leader name begin with KIM? that’s absurd.

if you said about role model; and the role model are that kind; don’t ask why your country cannot develop that can see more obvious that all the deckle is bent and all the result as bent as the deckle.