the encrypted backup

try many things to tone down the technical jargon of many encryption methods. this the end of series of backup, encrypted backup may so very technical.

so before going forward, for someone who’s looking for easy encrypted backup files I suggested 2 methods;

  1. easy one; winrar encrypted files. for not so serious backup, this may help you on normal offline backup.
  2. windows encrypted backup. you need to keep your encrypted key in safe place yourself. no good way to recovery it.

This part is only for technical persons that willing to put encrypted on server only.

you needed;

  1. server with ssh, we needed to that with command line.
  2. ecryptfs you can find more information here.
  3. how to use eCryptFS?

I don’t want to put my clients’ file at risk, so use how to on internet may show what look like in eCryptFS: