I don’t know the content about boycott the Olympics’ torch;

Is it about Tibetan?

Human right?

Or something sound more better than that?

Some one please mention me about Iraq wars, can any one tell me which country supported Saddam Hussein in many years ago; and after that in not over than two decades call him a villain.

Can any one mention me about Al Qaida? Which country support them in first place?

And which country support weapons for Gulf wars? Big six days wars? and many wars before that.

That not include Viet wars.

To say about Tibet, I think China (RPC) claims that areas even before Ching Dynasty that this area is under ruling of China, is it wrong?

Or the medias control everything? If medias said it be wrong then it must be wrong?

As my view, many high educated people has less aspect of reasons.

Full of shit enough to believe what medias said, and less thought on their own.

Sigh, may be education can help nothing;

When ever whom still consumes “Garbage” they still split the “Garbage“,

No matter how high their education was.

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