why “Universal Access”

this can answer in one short sentence. ” For everybody better quality of living.”

for more detail we can say in two ways, one is who we included in everybody. and two example of who that get better quality of living.

“who?” have better quality of living.

this may order by age of persons we concerned. we do answer both here.

babies/ toddlers/ pregnant

the persons that need a lot of care, hardly help themselves, some need stroller. good care and safety.

handicaps / problems with eyesight / hearing

with some helps, handicaps, people with problems with eyesight, or hearing can live happily on normal activities.

elders / seniors

most elders or seniors can do all activities with some or no helps. just some monitoring in case of emergency may need.

normal person/ temporary condition illness/ distracted

sometimes and many times, normal peoples had some bad days. and that bad day need some of help that make that days pass by smooth.

any more of people with help?

we hope that universal access (design/support) may be some help that make people with need do have better quality of life.