New Bangkok Airport found taxiway problem last month ’caused by water’

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

The Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT) released the findings of an investigation after uneven and cracked taxiways and parking bays were found last month at the airport, which opened in September.

Excessive underground water in and outside Suvarnabhumi airport is the cause of recently-found cracks on its taxiways, says the Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT).

EIT director Suebsak Phromboon said the airport’s asphaltic concrete pavement was soaked for too long and became too soft to bear aircraft weight. He attributed the problem to the airport’s failure to minimise the amount of water in the airport’s ditches. Consequently, the level of underground water surged and eventually seeped upwards to the layer of the asphaltic concrete pavement, Suebsak Phromboon said.

Airport authorities could not drain the water from the airport ditches as that would affect the surrounding community, already hit by floods.

When asked if the cracks had anything to do with defects in design, construction or materials, he said an in-depth investigation was needed. Airport authorities must see if the problem still recurs after the surface is repaired and water is better controlled.

Mr Suebsak suggested the asphaltic concrete pavement be replaced with stronger concrete pavement which is, however, less even. Polymer modified asphalt could be a good but expensive replacement, Mr Suebsak said.

Thiti Paveenchana, also an EIT director, urged airport authorities to drain the water from airport ditches the best immediate solution.

Suvarnabhumi airport general manager Somchai Sawasdeepon said he would follow all the suggestions given by the EIT, particularly those concerning water control measures.

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Anyone fixed this before open the Airport?

And who should response on this?

May be God only knew. Because persons that should take response blame others now.