12 Step Goal-Setting Process

1. Intense desire. Personal desire, only for yourself. no one can do your changes.
2. Believe. You may have to visualize yourself frequent, set goal that attainable but still challenge.

3. Write it down.

in very complete vivid detail. like you see it before your own eyes already. describe everything clearly.
4. List all benefit of what will attain for your goal. All of reason, thousands of reason you can think about.
5. Analyse where you are now. what you have in hands.
6. Set the deadline. specific, measurable how far in each step from your goal.
7. Identify the obstacle you have to overcome. clear lists of everything you doubt.
8. List all your requirement for knowledge, skills that you have to have.
9. Look for where already had that skill to reach goal.
– What we had to pay to achieve that skill?
– Do more to give before you get what you want.
10. Take all detail and make a complete detail plan. do the grant chart. when you get more info, revise plan all the time. rewrite all the time to make your plan reflect what you want.
11. Clear in your mind what you want, play it in your mind all your time.
12. Back your plan with the promise that you never give up.