I love “Climbing”; mountain is always making me feel good.

The lessons that climbing teach me are many, but I choose some to show here.

1. To stay in atop may make you feel good, make the proud of yourself; Even that, don't try to stay there too long. You must know that stay atop is always dangerous for you and your team mates. After a time, go to boot camp to make a real rest.

2. If you want to go to the same atop for the second time to feel that same good feeling; then don't go there. You will never feel the same real feeling. You must have to surpass your old own self to reach that feeling again.

3. To go down from atop is important task may harder than when go atop. You have to realize that careless can kill you.

4. The sight of pass way is always importance as atop don't forget to see it all.

Enjoy your climbing, and don't forget to look for the way down the hill. ^^