Last night, I had conversation with my friend.

We talked about now computer can speak out for what display on screen (, and can recognize what we talked with them.

Far more, He (not me that firstly mention about that :P) said that, may be someday, they (computer) will take place us (human) for most of work.

I agreed and said that, by far, even now the processor limit of processing power but very soon they will chase ours.

He asked me which kind of project I had had for my study now.
I replied that it's about emotion detector. When the same human being has different emotion he will act different, but can predicted on somehow. It's great if the automated machine know which emotional state of a person (human being) that he (machine) interacts with. And better if we try to put some more recommended product to sell that time. Also the Subliminal is the way to make person (human) believe what he (human) wants and which kind of value he (human) should have (even it is or it is not).

Normally human being's thinking is not based on reason but emotion, and even easy to alter what he (human) was believed by only some manipulation factors and a little impulsive force

So far if the robot (or computer that already has hands and legs) has evolution to the level that same with human being. May be even Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics can not protect ourselves (human being) from extinct, if we still based on emotion like this.