automated systems, HAAS, and other smart home devices.

in case you don’t know, I was one of the founders of swichB. Company that focus only on implemented smart devices on consumer’s level. Sadly that not for long already gone not far in its own term.

To confess, even I am some veteran in Networking, Computer System implementation, and study in Power Electrical Engineer in Bachelor degree, have plenty of work in healthcare and factory automation. HAAS still very new to me.

what is HAAS? Home Automation Assistant Systems is open source, in specific system; it is Operation Systems mostly compiled for specific system this type called Home Assistant Operating System, mostly run on raspberry pi.

another type call Home Assistant Container run on docker and can implement on any Operation systems that can run docker (Windows , Linux, OSX or if your mobile device can run docker, yep you can run that on)

Now I have 2 Raspberry pi board with some Zigbee hub (literary usb with zigbee) around 5 pieces. in case you want to run some project to improve your house, do house renovate and ok for learning this together; I eagerly be the parts of your projects.

in case you have some experiences in Zigbee already and only want raspberry pi board, let me know.

Also have some all in one that need to upgrade from harddisk to SSD too. If you need computer with some reasonable price let tell me in or still wait for learning together.