backup free on cloud.

do you know how your data can be corrupt easily?

backup is only good solutions for this, and if your backup can access easily via any device anywhere, is it a good news to you? ( for some that know how serious of data lose, we are in the same boat.)

as the title of post, we talk about backup on cloud for free.

before dig deep in to the territory. have to clarify the condition:

  1. it’s your personnel data (not corporate, in case your work for enterprise, this following instruction is not recommended.)
  2. you need to separated your data in chunk that lesser than full capacity of free quotas of the “free” storage.

how much you can backup?

it’s depended, how far you want to take time to have account for each “free services”

listed below is all the services I recommended.

  1. google drive if you have google account for your gmail /android account, this may the first of recommended backup for your data. for now (october 2022) you can backup 15Gb (included your photo and email or other social media backup you have)
  2. one drive if you have microsoft hotmail, outlook, live, or even you want to use your gmail or your corporates email as microsoft account you can create one via the link. for now (october 2022) the size of space for free account is 5Gb. not recommended if you share your machine with other person or need to log in into other machine, your backup will mess up quite easy.
  3. dropbox you can use any email to create cloud storage recommended only one account even you have both gmail and hotmail. for now (october 2022) you can backup 2Gb.
  4. box, same as dropbox have only 1 account may best with you. for now (october 2022) you can backup 10Gb.
  5. terabox, 1TB for free, not recommended, retrieve files back very slow. if you have reason to backup only and 1 TB is good storage for you, try out on your own risk.

in case you need to backup a lot larger than 15+5+2+10 Gb, or you have more than 5 persons to use data together; I recommend to create your own cloud storage, for that I will write how to next time.