Cannot change desktop wallpaper?

Were you recently infected with spyware?

2 things you can try…

Save the following REG File to your hard disk. Double click it and answer yes to the import prompt. … enable.reg


Download and save Cleandesktop to your computer from this link: and double click on the cleandesktop.exe

It will automatically extract to c:\desktopclean where it needs to be to run and will automatically run the cleandesktop.vbs script

If it doesn’t open then go to c:\desktopclean and double click on the cleandesktop.vbs Do not run any other file from there please unless asked to

If you have script blocking enabled you will get a warning about a malicious script wanting to run. Please allow this script to run. It is not malicious.

If you get a message when you first run it “Can not find script file “blah blah blah” then don’t worry just doubleclick the cleandesktop.vbs script again you sometimes get that message when a script blocker blocks the script

It will then kill Explorer. You will lose your taskbar and desktop. It will repair the registry entries returning your normal desktop and context menu functions.

It will restart Explorer.

Once you have performed the big cleanup, each of the other Users on the System needs to be signed in to clean up their desktop and regain the right click.

I have included another vbs to do this. It is named Other Profiles Regfix.vbs

Have each User sign in and run Other Profiles Regfix.vbs
Open C:\ (Go to Start>Run and type C: Press enter) and Open the c:\desktopclean folder. Double click on Other Profiles Regfix.vbs

Explorer will be ended and that user’s active desktop registry entries will be repaired. Explorer will be restarted.

To restore the desktop to whatever picture you normally have right click on a blank part of desktop & select properties/desktop & select your prefered picture press apply & then ok to exit and then press F5

You will need to do this step for every user account.