Cisco Skills for All review

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As someone that move to new environment as Canada; I feel that I needed some to certify my knowledge as skill worker in Computer Network Engineer, the first name I think always be CISCO; I check the youtube; and plenty of referred to packet tracer come up. I were the person that still work with demo labs of CISCO by using old version of CISCO devices to buildup my knowledge; so I check the packet tracer and I found CISCO skills for all website; many good resource and course; and plenty of used cases.
Now I finished packet tracer certified and Networking Devices and Initial Configuration; still wish to finish CCNA certified.

CISCO skill for all suggested new category of certified; CCST; any recommended? Is it better than CCNA or is it the specialist than generic than CCNA? I think about “Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) Networking” Is it good enough for apply in the Industry? I see the career path way in Skills for all website and try to do more research. Thanks in advanced for your suggestion.