Cost of Movie.

I'm talking about “Cost” of overall, when you go to watch Movie.
I meant at “Theater”, no matter kind of Theater you go.

Firstly I see cost of Movie itself, secondly when you went to Theater;
you need to pay for at least a meal, may be two.

Thirdly Parking and Transportation; in many sense this one is most considerable one.
If you need to pay about 3 hours to go downtown, or stuck up in Hellish traffic jam.

Let see the “Cost” here

HKK; Cheapest one for me is on Wednesday morning, that about HKD 30, but I need to sick leave for my working. Huh cost of that about HKD 500, so bad.
Normally I take MTR from my residence to Mongkok that about HKD 11 x 2 (for “Go” and “Back”)
Lunch, cheapest one for me there about HKD 18 but normally 36.

If not include the cost of my workday payment = 30 + 22 + 36 = HKD 88

BKK; Cheapest one ThB 80 normally ThB 120, for movie only.
As I live at Ekamai, no need to take any transportation, I can walk there. But for the better calculation let it be 80 Baht (Ha ha ha ha)
For a meal, it took about THB 300 per meal.

That total cost is 120 + 80 + 300 = THB 500

More worse on that, I hate on reading subscription and translation, it's very annoying.
I prefer on the original soundtrack without any kind of subscription.

So I thought that sitting on my own room to watch the movie may be my best solution.

Now check this sound, Huh if I watched the movies in my room,
I prefer the good system for my own.

Screen; I prefer 32 inches Samsung LCD LNS3251D 32″

ref: … 94-0315354

Not too big for my room; ^^ price about USD 924

For the speaker and player, I have my old PC and speaker. So saving that cost of mind…
So using the regression for the cost of this LCD = 924 / 36 month that = USD 25.667 per month

In this amount of money I can watch movies in Thai = USD 25.667 * 30 ThB/USD / THB 500 = 3.07 Times
Oh pretty much?, So in HK I can = USD 25.667 * 7.82 HKD/USD / HKD 88 = 2.28 Times.

(PS. This exclude all movie cost itself, and also other kind of decorating also –“)

At the last line here, I love this kind of decorating:

Thank ikeahacker ( ) and the kitchen designer ( ) for a good pick.