Destruction is coming nearer than soon.

Call for something that only using FAITH no more brain to be using.

After a time the determination which place to stay, then all the ruin of one nation is good enough for amusing.

Neither worries nor despair: for now I'm only a good observer.

No need to struggle in agony, NO MORE.

May this be suite me most?


Good article from AKI please read below.

So now it's be all a abosulute militia country. Be proud with it, that all your hard work's result.
But not mine, for me it's a shame to see.

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Bangkok, 25 Jan. (AKI) – Prasong Soonsiri, the former intelligence chief of Thailand, was elected as president of the Constitution Drafting Committee [CDC], a group of experts that will have to take on the task of writing the country's new constitution. His appointment confirms the intenTion of the military to closely monitor the process of reviewing the constitution, despite its recent promises of non-interference. Thailand's military government have been in power since the bloodless military coup in September 2006 which ousted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Prasong Soonsiri was among the ten experts hand-picked last week by the military junta to be a part of the CDC. There are a total of 35 members in the CDC. The other 25 are chosen from a Constituent Assembly formed by 100 accademics and various experts.

The nomination of Prasong Soonsiri follows an about turn by the Constituent Assembly which had initially insisted that the president of the CDC be elected from its members.

According to Michael Nelson, a professor at the Chulalongkorn university in Bangkok, the make up of the CDC was a foregone conclusion.

“Despite the long and cumbersome process of selecting the drafters, their composition is very predictable, that is, Bangkok-based high-level bureaucrats and academics,” he told Adnkronos International (AKI).

“As a consequence, you will have a tiny group of elite Bangkokians writing a constitution, and then ask the rural majority to approve it in a referendum,” he said.

According to Nelson, the majority of the Thai population do not have the means to decide on what should be included in the constitution.

“It is not about a very limited black/white question, but about a document so complex and difficult that only such elite people were deemed to be in a position to write it,” he said.

“Although there will be public hearings and a lot of PR about the process and the product, one might wonder on what sort of understanding ordinary voters will base their decision,” he said.

The CDC has six months to write the new constitution, The approval of the constitution will be done through a referendum – the first time this is being done in Thailand – which is a pre-requisite for the new elections and the return to democracy, promised by the military rulers who came to power after the coup last year that ousted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Elections are scheduled for October this year.

Soon after the coup, the junta substituted the 1997 constitution with an interim one. According to reports, the 1997 constitution will be the basis of the new constitution. The changes are expected to be mainly about closing the loop-holes that had been exploited by Thaksin, in order to neutralise the power of certain government bodies.


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