Normally Decaffeinating means to take Caffeine out from the coffee beans, but in this, I meant from myself.

I have no coffee for about 2 weeks.


It's very hard from the start, in the case that I had that for 17 years.

In my academic times, mostly I had it in dry one. Yes full spoon of coffee take to my mouth without any water.


Yep, I agree. Too lazy to boil the water, too less time to spill with that.
Average for that time, I had about 2 tablespoons of Coffee everyday.

After that

In my work time, I had many bad experiences with Coffee. Working 30 hours without sleeping with 10 cups of coffee….
I had bare that only a week then my stomach bled and feel terribly.

Looking back for many periods, Coffee was the part of mine, but now no more.
Even many tell that I feel less energetics, but I know that I will be better soon…..

(I Hope THAT)