Decline of Ottoman Empire

After the fall of Janissaries, Ottoman Empire was nothing but began to lose territory along its western borders, but managed to maintain its stature as a great regional power; the decline of the Ottoman Empire (1828–1908), when the empire lost territory on all fronts, and there was administrative instability due to the breakdown of centralized government, despite efforts of reform and reorganization such as the Tanzimat; and the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire (1908-1922), when the Ottoman state finally met its demise under the government of the Committee of Union and Progress which administered the country during the Italo-Turkish War of 1911-1912, the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913, and the First World War of 1914-1918.

So the lost of Janissaries may not cause the Empire fall at once, but only declining. In the end, what was raised can fall. Nothing can escape this true.