It is a fine irony that after completion of a project or great enterprise, there is still much left to do. Completion is merely a pause in the cycle of creation and decay, a momentary stillpoint for the swinging pendulum of life. Though completion does imply a period of restful pause – one which usually has been well-earned – it is not an actual end, but rather a uniquely harmonious flat spot in the constancy of change and movement.

After Completion is also the time for fine tuning, for refinements and embellishments of what has already been accomplished.

Even if we enjoy a rewarding situation at the moment, the laws of the natural world dictate that influence and success must eventually decline. Don't let current good fortunes prompt careless or relaxed attitudes. Whatever is successful or already established needs to be carefully tended and maintained, without trying to expand it. What is incomplete should be finished, and brought to fruition without delay.

Take satisfaction upon completion, but do not dwell on it. To do so brings a kind of completion to your own influence and capability.