EDUP ep6506

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my new wifi usb reciever

EDUP ep6506

you can see the look and feel, it seem like some kind of very big antenna

and how what really it is?


the signal compare to Atheros AR928x

the first SSID is in my room so no different but as you can see other SSID signal to compare that

for make thing more clearer (or may more confuse)

you can see the WIFIfofum signal in my iphone

@truewifi is come and gone not so stable here

and for to whom may not know

signal in RSSI is compared by – (minus)

less minus is more powerful signal

-75 is the stable and good to receive, more than -80 rssi, you can connect but cannot use it properly


try if you are too far from your wifi i think it suits your kind

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