Everything comes with a price.

I knew that myself has no great physicals,
Nor wise
Nor wealth
Nor a great speaker.

After a time I have try to do many things
More I can do, more I cannot.

And then?
Some time I try so hard to realize that it cannot be true.

Finally I knew that even I am the fool vulture that has too much pride to fly high
,but even how fool I am;
I still knew that if I set my target to the sun,
I will get burn.

Everything comes with the price, how much cost I can pay.
May be it depend on many factors.
In the end, if I see only nothing return for a long harvest term,
I may quit, but this period I still joy with my fool.

If this the long dream,
I wish that none will make me awakening from this dream.
Please let the lucid dream be forever for me.