hakka (客家)

from my tweet with @moui, i think i should write some knowledge of my about my ethnics, even it’s not so deep but i feel it’s better than let my inspiration gone waste.

for whom know me well, will know that i’m not the kind that attached to culture. i love to learn a new culture all the time.

more and more i learned about other, more and more i feel i know myself better.


hakka (客家) or hakkayan (客人) (pronouce in cantonese – yan or in mandarin – ren in hakwa – yen) or hakkakian; originally believe that they firstly live in south west part of china.

many time of wars and migrate make the sense of surviving all the time. hakkayan normally flexible and adaptive, normally speaks hakwa (客話) but as the minority in everywhere most hakka can speak more than 2 language at a time.

hakkakian spread around many places. you cannot tell that who is hakka until they tell you, cause of sense of survival.

hakkakian has own culture, cuisine and belief. normally they have own gods, more than the ones most chinese has.

hakka pronouncing  sounds more like mandarin than cantonese, but for my own familiar, my accent more like cantonese than mandarin.

hakka is not hainan (海南) or fanyan (方言) they are different and have own language, culture and cuisine.

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