i series hackint0sh

now i get to make new hackint0sh, badly i choose the hard way.

the spec is;

cpu intel i5

ram kingston ddr3 4gb (2×2)

mainboard asus p7p55d

hdd wd 1 TB

dvdrw lg

mouse and keyboard are normal usb

vga powercolor hd4670 ram dd3 1gb


if possible i will change the spec to just normal duo core

main board to gigabyte p55 series

and vga to nvidia

it’s very hard to install


to install snow leopard in that spec please follow


i just note for the problem i found.


1. please use nvidia vga card for install

dont use ati it’s too hard

2. if you use i series (i3 i5 or i7) use iboot supported

3. i use iboot and already stuck after change to snow leopard dvd

try to boot verbose (-v)

but still stuck

this is the solution

please set the speed and cpu to the lowest compatible one

i use

busratio=20 fsb=133 cpus=1 -x -v

after change dvd

but keep in mind that this is very slow cpu speed

if you have problems or wanna note more please don’t hesitate.

do it here