i wish to

down here, most of that came from my twitter, some part brush up.

the true victory will attained by making a stand, not the result of that stand.

be honest with yourself, is “success” really worth what you’re willing to pay?

many times, you foresee it, your own paths; the problems were always yourself that reject the path you were foresee.

most of all, I cannot remember which language i spoke in my dream. it seem like most people speak the same with me.

most of the time, i think i understand what you said, but i just don’t want to be the one whom make decision. it hurts badly many times.

you will only be beaten if only when you believe you have been beaten.

I never wish to know many languages, I just wish to understand all that others want to tell me.

I did not want to be rich, I just want to have enough to need no wish any more.

I did not want to be genius, i just want to smart enough to know which should be persistent, and which should be ignored.

I did not want to know much about you, but only want to hear what you really want to say.

and the last of all

I wish I can be dumb enough to not play dumb when some persons say something bad about me.