I may not agree of what you had said, but I will defend to my best to your right for saying it.

No name.

Said that whoever say he or she did it for other sake always absorb in self too absurdly deep.

Now I believe it.

For me I never respect for people that do nothing wrong, cause I knew that whoever do nothing wrong meant that person never do a thing.

I respect for the people that can manage problems, who can fix the problem that in by the gut of himself or herself.

So for the 4 clone of Chaun Leekpai (leek pai = get out) never my choice.
I never appreciate the ways that how Chaun blamed other, therefore how he stick like a leech with the
bureaucracy or even using royal system to make himself look higher in moral.

I wish to know that who set the standard of moral. And who raise it to the high ground of moral.
It's always a fact for me that whoever claim themselves good men always bad in my view.
Cause I saw the worse of things by them.

So at this last line I never believe in the disgusting election that may (or may never) come in the end of this year. Even ever it happens or not.