iTunes, black and somethingelse

I love black Themes.

Unfortunately, most program has its own color.

To adjust all to the same theme is a must for me.

Below shown collections of my own.
And please keep in mind, when you change the interface of program,
it may not be the same program anymore.

Updating it may cause you two possibilities.
first, lose your customization and
second, lose all of your program.

You got all warn.

This firefox in black came from … ta2000.rar
Thanks for your great work.

how to update theme?
Just drag the “.jar” to the theme windows and click “install”

This came from the modified pack of Itunes and Multi-plugin … nes+MP.exe

This MSN messenger theme called “EVO” came from
Please notice that the theme be black and gray, but I want it be black and blue.

Many modification still awaiting.

For other great msn messenger theme … y588530291