iTunes, WLM and Sufficient?

From my blog “iTunes, black and somethingelse” There was many click in there so I think that this may a good sign for the blog about customization.

So firstly you knew that iTunes 7.0 can use “Cover flow”?

This is “cover flow”

It may better to using Youtube or other Clip uploader, but again I thought play jazz may better. (This is only an excuse for my laziness)

You can add the picture manually by click at the song you wanna add info (included the “Cover” of that ones.

Right click on “Song” that you wanna add “Cover”

You can custom these fields, but if you had “ripped” from the original CD while connecting to Internet. I recommended to leave it as is

Here you will see Artwork that you already added, or click “Add” to add new Artwork.

Yep that all folk..

I’m kidding, Above is just beginning of that.

You can add Artwork faster than this.

here: … eased.html
This program help adding “Cover” to iTunes.

You can add Cover faster than ever. The problem is only………
You need the right “Song Album” and “Artist” to complete this.
Never problems for me.

I’m CD collector. Oh how can I find adequate money to buy all?

Sigh. T_T

Oops it must be sufficient not Adequate.

Have I noticed you all that it has option to Make “Display picture” with “Album art”?