jetstar incident

yesterday i took jetstar plane back from s’pore.

the next seats on my rear are empty for 2 rows.

they are all extra legs seat that have to pay more to seat. – –

no problems, i’m the kind that stay on the rules.

no pay no gain.

but one of the passenger on the row 8D, had took the seat there.

I don’t know what happened before, but as is the female sat next to me tell me that, they (her group and him) had this sit. before and the flight attendant on the flight from bkk to sin allowed them to seat there.

even they (her group) knew that this is not the policy, it’s ok for them to seat the normal.

but that guy not stop even 3 times of flight attendants asked him to back to his seat, many f words out of his mouth.

in the end the asst pilot had to come to ask him to back to his seat. i think that stop all.

but i was wrong, flight attn asked me and some on my row to be witnesses and write for the evident incident report.

that’s ok.

but when we landed, 4 of airport police came to arrest him. -_-

i don’t know what to say. hope it’s just a warning for him to not act like this next time.

hope all come in the good way.