Black as devil
Hot as hell
Pure as angel
Sweet as love

I drank coffee again today.

Too bad to break my will.

Last week I feel that I had too much coffee, about 3 cups a day, that exclude another cup of tea and a jug of Cola.

So this week I try to have only 3 cup of coffee a week.

It was well on start, I have a dish of streamed egg plant from Monday till today (Wednesday)as morning dish.
Nothing wrong from that, no coffee for two full days long.

Today, on the noon break, maid asked me;
“Do you want your coffee?”
“No please”, I replied.
“On trying quit it”
“Good to your health”; she smiled to me.

After finish the morning work, I returned to my place.
Unfortunately; that lust over me again.

Finally I am lost.


Hope tomorrow I will win..