Living with the humourous

Living in Thailand, you must have a great sense of humor.

In the southern areas there are bombing everyday.
In Bangkok about ten from the first of January.
Excluding ten in The New Year Eve.

Without any responsibility from any,
there are much more great sense of humor that whom take care of the government ask for the responsibilities from the one that they were ousted.

The persons whom claimed themselves as the democratic side cheer up the militia coup.
OMG, I didn't dreaming or blank out, right?

For Free of speech topic;
Saying that last government was controlled all medias, but what happens here now?

Banning “Youtube“?
IP theft?
Saying about Terrorism documents in UK? And changing all the word in next day?
Suing Google?

What next?

I'm sure that you all have a great sense of humor.