Memory is always good as it as is

This following is my conversation with my old friends that never met for 8 years.

Quite a long.

To post here is just want to remind me something that may I forgot.

Some parts that private was cut.

This is my blog, so don’t ask why I posted something that nonsense here.

Cotton: already see my pics in hi5 yet?
Rath: Yep
Cotton: On Curly hair or straight?
Rath: Hmm?, but so cute.
Cotton: What’s on Curly or short one?
Rath: On dental set?; Even that Cute ^^ and howdy?
Cotton: Good to Average, and you?
Rath: Good, anyone on yet?
Cotton: Still same, no one.

Rath: Still work on 7 days, wanna be rich, so I left this crazy scene
Cotton: Hahaha, you are already, Oh I have my present pics wanna see
Rath: really? wanna, still remember this pics?
I cropped P’Bird out so now we only take photo together, hahaha.
Cotton: So finally we are couple in pics, but P’Bird will regret on that.
Rath: So it’s my pics, if he wanna do that he should do on his own, hahaha.
Cotton: Any other pics?
Rath: Cannot tell, then you will know that I kept many pics of you :P
Cotton: So I will not give you any of my pics -*-
Rath: No prob, I can remember how was nice of you, pretty, cute and beautiful.
You are always as is in my memory. ^^
Cotton: You are also always good in my view.

Rath: That’s because you are my friend, so you never see my bad side.
Cotton: ?
Rath: Everyone has good and bad in a person, if you were my foe you will see my darkside.
great that it was in this way. If you are my mate also, someday you will see my bad side. So it’s always good that you’re my friend.

Cotton: ? Anything?
Rath: Nop, just nothing more nothing less, it means what I meant. ^^