i tried to do some experiment with myself about emotion attachment and found some good point to improve.

looking back on two or three years ago about what i posted on social network, and others that post; i found some of many flaws i had made.

firstly, even my view is not changed, my expression toward some may inflicts some irritation, mostly some only for my emotion satisfied (in the bad ways).
secondly, it’s backfire for sure, no i’m not meaning others view toward me, but my view towards my influence, it seemed i’m powerless and can do only sarcastic.
thirdly, nothing happen o follow up after i do that. just satisfied. it seemed useless for doing something like that. it’s ok for once or twice a while. but as i see; i did it too frequent compare to another creative and construct topics.

So now my new, experiment with myself, as if to do something like criticized as sarcastic; i will do all in if i were them what i should do instead.

it’s not promise, it’s commitment.