Back down to seven years before. On my Master degree: There were two persons that made a noticable influence thinking since now.

One was my soul, that now broken to million pieces, the second was more than my real sister.

For the first I should neglect here:

She was 27 and I was 23 at that time, the same that we had at that time: Two Masters challanges.
For me it was quite easier I studied on the same University, while she took more hard way, on the two places that can call the opposite side of town.

The challange as I expected from myself, the only I want to mention was the views that we shared, we cannot accept just a part of MBA and the another profession that we took, if possible why not take two.

For me, it was suceed, by 2 years for more precisely 18 months. For her she got the MBA without any kind of surprise, but for the second she had the big trouble await.

She'd got the cancer: 4th level, by the time that she had on her thesis; the second one.

After I got the news, to see on her despair, after a long talk she said to me. “I will go to India, after this operation, I swear to myself, my deep self.”

I asked “Why?”

“Now I knew, life is shorter than any can expect, to do the things that always dream of today: I think that is already blessed.”

After I thought about that lines, I decided to quit my job: get the opportunities: See the world around.

Today, I saw by my own eyes for the reasons that she take 2 Masters. To be the eyewitness for her success.

On her words, I can fall, but my thinking, ideal still stand there.

I wish I can do it on the same level, oneday