project hackintosh 1

now i want to install osx86 in my PC.
the best comment for any of you that wish to use osx86 is using intel cpu
and must be dual core.
It’s more easy than on AMD, alot more easy.

My progress now still cannot install OSX86 on my PC.
My spec for this PC
1. CPU athlon X2 5000+
2. Mainboard Asrock Asrock ALiveNF7
3. RAM 4 GB
4. HDD WD Sata 320 GB
5. DVD RW Asus sata

now the problem that I faced;
1. my bios too old.
fixed; updated bios version.
2. to installed osx86 on my mb I need to
Install Method (advanced): Retail Leopard installed with custom Pre-Boot CD
link here and here

Now I’m considering to continue like this or make a easier choice by changing to use Intel dual core instead.

it may make my life easier?

or i bring the challenge with me everywhere?

that’s still the problems.

PS. the best option.

1. CPU intel Dual core only, if you are using core solo the same probs with AMD. so the best is using core dual

2. MB Intel 945G* chipset and Intel GMA 950 are using by mac; so use that may increase simplicity.