do you know regedit or registry editor? it’s the great tool that use to represent windows xp as the best way microsoft can.

folder like style of representing something that windows xp are; we can check state of everything in windows xp just by looking at the value in register; and the tools that use for viewing that regedit.

regedit or registry editor store all value as the directory based tree system; the main value is hkey_class_root, hkey_current_user, hkey_local_machine, hkey_users, hkey_current_config

what’s all that represent?

all of the registry (.reg) in windows xp represent the state of each part of program being. like you enable this device, or disable. you let this function did it work or not. you set some programs to start at startup?

all of that is register!!!

what the main idea? why we need to know about regedit?

to enable or disable some functions; to remove some virus; to remove some annoyances feather in windows xp; that all we need with regedit.

In my view; i think microsoft made a great work of structure in windows xp, something they failed is only how they set the default value. that make the windows xp is easy to breach. and at least i think windows xp  is the better os than windows vista.