review for eldercare: Am-D nursing care

In case you forget I bring the ideas of review for Eldercare with the score.

This first time, I introduce you to Am D nursing care.

please go to am-d nursing care website for more information.

Am D nursing care is the eldercare and patient care center that included hemodialysis center and medical office in the same areas.

the location of Am D is near Ratchaphruek road (the road that you can drive from Sathorn Road direct to Pathumthani) sadly the road itself no bus running nearby and around 300 meters from the main road.

This is their promotional vdo.

So now the score.

Universal Access Design: 12 points.

Location – Ease of transportation: 5 points.

Other medical support: 16 points.

Parking space: 16 points.

Recreation areas: 16 points

Now I clarify my score.

Universal Access Design 12/20 points:

Facility Accessible 10 points got 6: plenty of space, some may not good for patient themselves to go. Need caretaker to bring them to.

Parking for wheelchair/ hospital bed wheel 10 points got 6: parking areas quite vase. (included reserve areas very large). only 5-6 parking for wheel chair accessible.

Location 10/20 points:

how far from mass transportation 10 points got 0: no mass transportation, you needed Taxi or your own car for come to and go out.

other food shops/ retails for visitors 10 points got 5: you have cafe on opposite of the eldercare.

Other medical support 16/20 points:

hospital/ clinical support in areas/hospital/clinical support contract 10 points got 8. you got dialysis care center in the same areas, 4 hospitals contracted: and included full time medical residents in same areas.

amount of medical staffs per patients 10 points got 8. about 3 patient to 1 staffs for full capacity .

Parking space 16/20 points:

how many parking areas 10 points got 8. you can park around the areas for sure.

how you access the faculty after parking 10 points got 8. they have gold rides for you.

Recreation areas 16/20 points:

for the patients 10 points got 8.

for visitors 10 points got 8.

in case the visitors want to take the elder to recreation, plenty of spaces enough for them. They even have small ponds for you to sit and relax.

So I think the score for them may 65/100.

what do you think?

you can give some reviews in their facebook, google maps or line.

let see next time where to review.