rip ctw

i remembered that first time i went there, there were plenty of lotus that made of concrete all around the place. i that time still in high school, on grade 8

i remembered when on the christmas, after work and after class, that was the very lonely time i went there.

at b1 have a super market of world trade center, that lately was zen, had plenty of sushi that will discount on 7 pm.

i love their ebi sushi.

i love the time i went to isetan super market to buy tofu sushi with some drink, to find some place to eat on 5th flr.

i love the food court on 5th flr many japanese food that seem real than many luxury one around there.

i love kinokuniya

i love asiabook

i love the space on 4th flr.

i love b2s

i love you ctw.

rip ctw, hope we will meet again

some pics on 2007 new year