Rumor to shutdown TCDC in Thailand.

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by Rathwjj; in any mistakes sorry for my errors.

On Oct, 17th 07 Khunying Tipawadee Meksawan, Ministry of PM office has set a call on the committee of Developed and Knowledge Management, in the very important meeting to bring down “Thailand Creative & Design Center” TCDC for merging with National Discovery Museum Institute.

In the meeting made an order for Mr. Chaiyong Ratana-Ung-kurn, TDCD Preseident, Resignation and also all of the committee; and set Mr Surapol Wirunraksa, Ex-National Discovery Museum Institute Director, as the Merging Organization's President.

Note: for the bias of that Article, I have to cut them down.
but for my opinion, the cost of remaining Education center for 4 years at Baht 4,000 billion compared with US$560 million (at 33 Bt / 1 USD)or Baht 18,480 Billion (look at my previous blog), I think it looks too awkward for me to say that TDCD too costly.

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