Somebody told me, I need the good tools to finish my work well.

From my experiences, many time good tools may can not make a better result.
In my humble opinion, I thought how to use tools, how to manage each procedure, and how to treat it may be the better way to.

Life long spans, many times, I know that I was used as tools;
I was upset by that, but not now. For me now, to be used or to use others may no different.
“We are in the world of benefit orientation.”

If it's still in Win-Win game, I will play that.
If else, I will quit that instantly. No doubt how was the game drag me in.

Don't tell me about ethics; Ethics was the set of rules to control the game.
Vice versa, in my view, that is all illusion. If I quit, why I need to worry about Ethics?

As I see many people try to drag Ethics and Forensic to the game.
Many of them try to bent the game and use rule in his benefit.
That's still OK for me.

But the people who broke the rules, eradicated and burned them down; and after that try to ask others to play their game: What can they be called?

OK, in my last paragraph, I was believed in many things, I was faith, hope and wish for many things.
Now that's all gone, after all I can see clearly on the situation obviously than before.

It's quite strange that when this time come, I'm always more calm than normal.
Know deeply what will happen next.

At last I only observe I want to, and just ignore what I have no interest.