Sabayon Epilogue

For the “Conclusion” of Sabayon in my humble opinion:

Good side

1. Easy, yep ease of installation and customization.
2. All program that you need there, no need to find any to install
3. Application and “look-feel” of the program make it looked professional, very impressive.

Bad side.

1. Even I say sorry, for a mere windows users, they do not cross realms for that.
I think that if only that reason, it far from compete with Windows XP.
2. What will happen when you want to upgrade? Hah even with Kruroo, it still hard to do your jobs.
3. Even easy to customization, it is a limited sets of customization can be.

some little customization and it looked like this

no problems with Chinese

Sure English

Or even Japanese

but it is with Thai

Confirm by other page

Last word, now I’ve ported myself to Ubuntu, so this is just to show how easy linux can be.
Look further for next of my article about Ubuntu.

Thanks for visiting again^^