I found out that there is already linux distro (linux distribution see note below) that has all the plug-ins and drivers installed. It’s Sabayon ( )

Far from community distro, this one is all in one complete set.

Coming with Beryl ( ), virtual machine manager and all famous plug-ins made this easier for whom wanna try linux.

I have some snap-shot to show here.

Default Sabayon after installed. notice that already knew my wide screen (1440×900).

Sabayon already included with famous plug-ins like flash player.

Please notice for my website font. I thought it already perfect for mine. ^^

Even no wmp control, it perfectly play windows media plug-in.

This is default file manager, “Konqueror”, look great?

So wait for a moment, I need time to tear it around, splitting it in pieces.

For me using new OS just not only look, but featuring and every tile need to be OK.
Hope that this is not only one of my article in this “Sobayon”.

linux distro: (LINUX distribution) while LINUX is open source, there are so many developers there. Some develope their own core, while other may lend many other cores and ideas. This makes LINUX community lookalike Chaotic ones, but in other hand high rate in evolution.

From my point of view, one that strongest must survive in the free game play. So in finally only strongest even not one but many survive, we can sure that all of them strong enough to pass all test.