Just have a chance to take a ride to some bookshops here;

But this magazine is very hard to find;

I just don’t understand many things.

For my younger age; I had many questions; many that my mom told me about this country.

Why they tried to push others believe there religion more reasonable than others?

Why they put believe more than reason?

Why people here tried to tell others “never mind” but in reality no.

Why they said themselves rule by Democracy?

Why they try to make classes between people?

Why they push history so blur?

” You will undestand on your age”.


When I run to the age; I understand all.

If I want to live on more reasonable places I should move.

I cannot try to change others beleive, it’s too hard to.

I just tell myself, moving yourself to the right place may better.

But now I see that some people try out.

If I have a chance to tell them; I will say “Thank you”.

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PS. If you cannot find this magazine try ร้านหนังสือตะวัน (Tawan Bookshop);

It’s between “Rajavithi and Phaholyothin corner of Victory Monument.