I was wondering about many things on the land I was born.

Land of Free sex and Temple, but none accept that.
Land of Ethics, but all is only illusion.
Land of Smiles, but I don’t know what that inside.
Land of Faith, that many people live with that without any tries to find the truth.

Many years passed, when I moved along to many places;
I’m realized that all country has her problems.

Some can be solved, some cannot; but my birth place still got the same track without any solutions: None knew their duties.

That sarcastic that

None prostitute is legal but you can find everywhere.

Whoever said about ethics always never did it, but using laws and fear to cover about their problems.

Many are using faith as faith spender.
Nothing more than just tries living for nothing, under some power that you cannot rely on.

People just try to live in peace but never find why the peace never comes, but just faith in the Messiah.

So I see the future in today. Solution never comes. The dead end is near and still nothing changes.