Self assessment

in case you already read about self assessment, and it’s different, please comment down below. or if you want more information, to discuss or add some view; let do it.

in this series of blogs, I planned to write in 3 parts;
self assessment
self confirmation
self determination

ok, let begin by the concept first, self assessment, is the process of doing some practical to know what you really think about something, by nature you know it in unconscious mind; and many times you interpret something wrong from whatever you think you did.9

the process begin on try to figure out first what areas of yours that you want to do assessment, may be it is in
relation, money, work, competitive, health or some other folks.

write down that on the topic and separate your paper in to two side, on left side write “what i don’t like/wish/want to be” , and on the right side write “what i do like/wish/want to be”; list most you possible at least 50 to 100 on both sides, no need to exactly same amount.

after this we will call “what i don’t like/wish/want to be” as negative side (-) and “what i do like/wish/want to be” as positive side (+)

check on the negative side, any of this word in your sentences? “No”,”Don’t” or “not”? if you found that try to reverse that sentence and make it positive and list on the positive side. cross of the negative that you already make it positive.

Now let look on what left, in negative side. check that any that list here, exactly reverse on the positive side cross that out too.

Now you will left only some that you really don’t like,wish, nor want to be, left that first.

Back to (+) now focus on all what you wrote, what you think it’s impossible for you? mark star(*) first, when you do that all, now ask yourself why it’s impossible? jot down that behind the list.

so the rest that you think it’s possible, is it already satisfy you? if yes left it there, celebrate for your success, then back to our what you did not satisfy; mark star and jot down why you did not satisfy?

Now let see on (*) this is what you really can do, and improve your life.
ask yourself that what you think impossible or not satisfy, any people in this world can do that? and can you learn from them how to?

if you can learn from others then write “V” in front of that; but if cannot write “X” in front of that.

wrote down all to new paper, make the order as “satisfy”, “must be improve”, “i want to know how to fix this”.
put all the things that you already satisfy on the “satisfy list”
put all the things that you think it’s possible but you still don’t do that, or you already do that but still not satisfy that here.
and now the last one put the (-) list that you left after cross of, put it in “i want to know how to fix this” list.

then all of this may make you have some big pictures of your own self.

let see what we can do with all that in next blog.
ps. it’s very long blog since, ah i cannot remember.

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