smarter faster better

the second book (as i known) from Charles Duhigg.

the very beginning ideas of this book came from the book power of habit. on this book he told about his own way of motivation; how the motivation works and how the choices and decision prime the motivation. and this is the first chapter of the book, when you read back from appendix.

the second chapter talk about how organization norm work. how you make team a team. as the conclusion the team “works” when every voices sound and loud equally. and the leader is the big part in that.

the third chapter talk about focus, what to focus, how we plan ahead what we expected can help the hard process went from disaster to greatness.

Goal setting is the forth chapter what is smart goal stretch goal and how we can adapt to suit our need. in this chapter we learn that we should have both smart goal or reachable measurable and achievable goal, and in the same time we should have dream driving goal. the goal that we don’t know how to reach, but driving by what we had in mind what the result we wanted.

on the fifth chapter, we learn how delegate decision empower all the system and reduce costs significantly. and in the same time with sixth chapter we should know what is the strength and weakness of ourselves and all member in team.

on seventh and eighth chapter we learn about how to create innovation, and turn the knowledge to be the process of change.

in case you wish some more conclusion on this try this youtube.