some command for darwin prompt

when you try to install osx86 it may show that you cannot install

this may help

Darwin’s promt:
* -f This forces rebuilding of extensions cache
* -s Boots into a single user command line mode
* -v Verbose, boots in text mode showing all debug info and errors
* -x Boots into safe mode
* -F Ignore configurationfile
* rd=disk0s1 – Tells Darwin to boot from a certain partition specified in BSD format.
(Disk 0 specifies first HDD and s1 specifies first partition as 0 is the MBR.)
* cpus=1 Tells the system how many CPUs or cores to use, useful for Core Duo users.
* platform=X86PC – Can be used if problems with normal booting, ACPI is another option here
* -legacy Boots OS X in 32bit mode rather than 64bit if 64bit is used due to a 64bit processor
* idehalt=0 May stop stuttering
* “Graphics Mode”=”WIDTHxHEIGHTxDEPTH” (e.g. “1024x768x32”)
For VESA 3.0 graphics, you may append a refresh rate
after an “@” character (e.g. “1280x1024x32@75”)