speed up windows vista

Ok this one is the 14th category, long time on 13 categories.

Mostly I don’t care about the number 13, hahaha.

I didn’t seriously use windows Vista since it was hit the shelf, but now i did.

from my feeling, it out of the box quite really slow and annoying, here is some of my advice for Windows vista.

1. Close the “side bar”: believe me, mostly you don’t need it at all, close it will make your vista a bit faster and perform better.

so try your own.

2. Close the “Welcome screen”: it’s quite annoying, appear every time. So close it may better.

3. Show my computer, documents icon in desktop: believe me you need it.

go to personalize, set desktop icon and tick for both computer and documents.

4. Close “automatic updated”: again this feather quite annoying. every time you turn your machine on or off.

it always haunted : scarry. slowing the process you want to do.

So if you want to do go to Control panel -> Security Center -> OpenAutomatic update, change automatic update setting, and then disable it.

now the next problem will happen instead the annoying security alert will pop up all the time click to set disable it’s warning.

5. the next annoying thing, the very slow speed of copying files in vista. you can stop that by going to disable “background intelligence service”:

Go to run (the lower text form in vista start up) “services.msc” disable this service and “Computer browser”, “SSDP discovery service”.

So ThisĀ  all, hope it make your life easier.

PS you can resize the partition in Vista; no need of partition program like partition magic anymore.

for that go to right click on computer -> Manage -> Disk Management;

now you can resize your partition freely and faster than anytime before.