When you found that the old paradigm is too old, need to modernize. Why you still take all as the role model?

When you found that the old power get all the upperhand, why you need to be the underdog?

When you know that all the network is of the same spider web, why you still rely on that same web?

This failure; as is; I’m the beholder of this game, and can blame none for their lost.

But you cannot timble down one cut on the multiple root big tree. to do that you need spoil all the root. No need to do that on the one time.

But when its time came, that all timbling.

This lesson can made all clear that;

1. When playing the underdog side; don’t use the same paradigm with upper hand.

2. Violent to violent; the one that less power is always disadvantage. To play this game, be creative.

3. Numbers are nothing, Medias are everything.

4. There is no spoon, there is no human thought, when the time of wall,  some of that never think about the different side is human.

5. To play the power game, if you aren’t big enough; be small.

That all is what I can say this time.