switch; how to change things when change is hard

have to confess here that I’m not good on criticism, not good on review, what I can do here is only to share what I read… actually should call listen. I bought this book for long but never finish. apparently that when I listen audio book it’s easier than it seem.

oh if you wish I can translate it to Thai. sorry I read a little Thai books, too little to do a good translate; more than that, I feel that I never read and understand any Thai translated book.

back to our topic, this book describe on the situation that you wish on change for better. there were three parts that you have to concern;
your reason, your emotion, and your path

in this book, writer compare our reasons as the rider, emotion as elephant, and the way to the goal is your path.

to make your goal succeed in long run, you need to let yourself, your team, or even your community to accept it both with reasons and emotional. and the method to that should be clear, easy to achieve, and can follow up in the short term.

note; for whom that want to be slim. change your bowl size to be half of what you had, help a lot.

try using half size bowl on everything, and you will know what I meant.