The Millionaire Next Door: Thomas J. Stanley

conclusion of this book, the millionaire next door;

this book wrote about in 1990’s but quite a good practice and show all statistics of the millionaire to clear all myth of that.


all is in statistics, that meant some people were not in.
it was 1990s may some ok, may some not, use at your own risk.

1.use 2nd hand is better than bear the depreciation cost.
2.use normal category product, not the products for rich.
3.for very pricey products, take longer periods always better. (eg., car, house, building.) independence. (freedom in money) is more important than showing that you have money.
5.they are not heritage wealth.
6.their children also provide themselves wealth. no need for them to support.
7.get better pay, better than get more jobs.
8.they use the system support whom support you more than you ever imagine.